Leavers Video

Hello Year 6,

Here is your leavers video, it is also availaible on Google Classroom.

See you all later 🙂

You Tube Version

Vimeo Version

Sports Day Superstars!

Yesterday, the sun beamed down on Year 6 as they competed in this year’s sports day. The children all tried their very best when participating in a range of events, including: 100m sprint, x100m relay, x100 speed walk (relay), egg and spoon race, sack race and the skipping race. The children also competed in the throwing of the javelin and shot put.

The Year 6 staff would all like to say a massive well done to all the children involved.

Miss Atkins, Mrs Cook and Miss Stephenson

Ancient Greeks

Our history topic this half term is Ancient Greece. We have already had some fantastic work handed in. You have got two weeks left until the deadline, so if you need some inspiration check out the wonderful pictures below.

Houses at Rushall

Our art this half term is focusing on the different artists of the St Ives school. This week our art work is inspired by a piece called Houses at St Ives by Alfred Wallis. We have used his ideas and techniques to create pictures of the houses near where we live.

Houses at St Ives by Alfred Wallis

Merry Christmas

Year 6 have had a fantastic time practicing and recording our Christmas Performance 2020 -Home Alone – The Best Bits!!

We hope that you have a fantastic time watching it!

Harvest Festival

This year, our final Rushall Harvest performance was much different to the previous years. We have rehearsed and performed two songs – ‘Do the Dough’ and ‘Loaves and Fishes’. Use the password that has been sent out today to access our virtual performance.

Golden Moments

An enormous well done to our 4 members of Year 6 who have achieved a Golden Moment this week. All for different reasons yet all as fabulous as each other. Adam and Taiyah both decided to perform a song on their keyboard or piano for the Music homework. Our ‘Composer of the Month’ this month is Gary Barlow and Year 6 were asked to research Gary Barlow and present in any way they would like. Adam and Taiyah decided to learn how to play Gary Barlow’s song ‘Sing’ and sent in video’s of their performances. Their talent blew us away – well done to our talented musicians!

Franki-Jo has demonstrated these first few weeks how dedicated to her learning she is. It does not matter what work she is given she is always putting in 100% to everything she is doing even when the task may prove to be a little bit tricky, she has persevered and kept on trying. Keep working hard Franki-Jo! Kieren has amazed us with his enthusiasm in English lessons this week. He is really enjoying our new text -Eragon and has been willing to offer his thoughts and ideas in class discussions. Well done Kieren – keep it up!

We have had two nominations from home this week. Well done to Finley, you have been nominated for your super attitude towards school and coping well with all the changes since returning to school. Mum and dad are also very proud of how supportive you have been at home with your sisters. This is lovely to hear – well done! Our second nomination from home is for Robyn. You have been very brave this week going to the dentist. Your mum is very proud of how grown up you were at the dentist. Well done Robyn.

Exercising in the sun!

This afternoon the sun was shining, so the children in Year 6 took advantage of the wonderful weather and went onto the field to improve their fitness levels. In order to build up our stamina, strength and flexibility we completed a variety of high energy exercises for short bursts of time. All the children tried hard to keep moving throughout the lesson – well done everyone!

Golden Moments

This week, Miss Rea and Miss Atkins have nominated Aidan for a Golden Moment. We have been so impressed with all of his good talking in the class. We are seeing a great improvement in his confidence and willingness to share his thoughts and ideas with the rest of the class. Well done Aidan – keep up the super talking!

Jack has also been nominated this week for his excellent contribution in PE lessons. He has highlighted that he can be a super role model for his peers by demonstrating the correct technique and encouraging his friends to be more confident while learning key skills in Basketball. Well done Jack.

We have also had two nominations from home this week to celebrate the fantastic work that Liliah and Paige have been doing. It is lovely to hear about your super attitude towards your learning at home girls. Keep it up – we are very proud of you!

Super Scientists

Today Year 6 have been investigating dissolving, as we continued our wok on Changes of Materials and their Properties .

The children were asked to predict if certain solids, if mixed with water would dissolve to make a solution. The children then investigated if their predictions were correct by carrying out an experiment.

The children learnt through their investigation and recording the results, that some solids (known as a solute), when mixed with water (a solvent), produces a solution and that there are some solids that are insoluble.